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Developing long-term relationships with today’s consumers is more complex than ever before. With today’s powerful web search, social publishing, and social network filtering capabilities place powerful new tools in the hands of consumers. Today’s buyer’s journey is much more non-linear – as consumers can easily find information, comparative pricing, and social recommendations about a large number of competing solutions.

As a result, consumers are now savvier; becoming simultaneously researcher, publisher, reviewer, influencer, and ultimately expert on any manner of product or service. This “ease” by which information can be shared across the web, including mobile and social touch points, has required enterprises to try to influence consumer behaviour by increasing the amount of content. The result of all this content production: In 2012, 1.8 zettabytes of data will be created on the internet. That’s more than 7 million times the totality of digital assets stored by the US Library of Congress today.

Gdmc Media Solutions:

  • graphic design web

    Creative and Graphic Design

    Graphic design that believes in building a solid brand can become a company’s greatest asset.



  • content marketing web

    Content Marketing

    Effectively engage with your potential customers building relationships throughout the buyers journey while building brand image and position.



  • web development web

    Web Design and Development

    We build and design custom mobile ready responsive websites and eCommerce shopping cart sites.


  • Custom publishing web

    Custom Publishing

    Businesses are discovering the power of bespoke content to positively influence their audiences.